Our Aim
Our aim is to protect your privacy whilst you are using our website. We set out here how we use information you may provide.

What Personal Information do we collect?
Our intention is to only use such Personal Information as is reasonably necessary to enable us to deal with your query for hairdressing services. If you opt-in to receive information on special offers or to receive a periodic newsletter, we will not disclose that information - except in the circumstances detailed below.

Disclosure of Personal Information & Security
To prevent misuse, the Data Protection Act imposes strict security procedures in the management of information that you provide to us. It is not possible to provide any complete guarantee that information will not be subject to unauthorised access as the internet is insecure by nature. It may be necessary for us to disclose information that you provide to us - but only in circumstances where we are required to do so by the courts, or to comply with other legal, statutory and/or regulatory obligations to prevent and/or detect crime.
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