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The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Link to Meet out Team page
The Salon -  where your hair is our passion.
Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull

Here at the Salon, we have a simple business ethic. Everything we do is centred on providing the BEST service, the BEST QUALITY and the BEST VALUE for our customers.

Satisfied customers should be at the heart of every business. Building on that success, we grow as word gets around. It is where we are - and where we want to stay.

Clients who come to us are soon friends, as we build relationships based on mutual respect for who we are. You can trust us to always do our best. We always listen to our customers and give the best advice for the individual.

The Salon is more that just hair-dressing. Your hair is our passion. It is why we are here.
When I interviewed Esther at The Salon a few years back, the first thing that struck me was the quite distinctive logo and branding evident throughout the premises.  It immediately set the tone of professionalism and quality that has endured in what is now The Salon's 6th Anniversary

As it was in the beginning, The Salon was spotlessly clean and the house hospitality faultless as I was greeted with a smiling Abbey and offered refreshments on a comfortable chaise-longue.  

The Salon
is located in fashionable Chanterlands Avenue at the Spring Bank end on the right just past Perth Street as you travel in the direction of Cottingham Road. Parking was surprisingly easy - even on a busy Thursday afternoon

In addition to its credentials as a UNISEX salon, the business provides HAIRDRESSING services for all ages. So in addition to a refreshing orange juice or coffee you can look forward to a good old cup of tea - if that's what takes your fancy!

I have to say as a shaven-headed bloke, its been a while since I experienced the warm waft of a dryer.  It therefore became a trip down memory lane as I watched a member of the team skillfully provide a client with a stylish haircut in surroundings befitting of a 21st century male.

At the same time a very attractive young woman was being made even more attractive by Esther as in stages her hair was washed, cut and styled to perfection.

John: Congratulations on the Salon's 6th Anniversary! Tell me about your hairdressing career?
Esther: It started as a work experience whilst I was still at school. Then I joined a salon and worked through professional studies - before finally qualifying in 1999.

I then worked for Wella doing demonstrations and presentations all around the country.  I have also worked independently at wedding fairs, charity events and fashion shows.
The Salon  UNISEX Hairdressing 
58 Chanterlands Avenue,  Hull  HU5 3TT.
Telephone 01482 342652
Esther Interview with John Maffin  February 2018

John: Sounds like a great way of gaining experience in hair-dressing and meeting people from all walks of life. Did you not dream of owning your own salon?
Esther: Exactly.  I thought about it more and more. I particularly wanted to recreate the old-fashion standards of high quality and customer service.

John: What does that mean in practice?
Esther:  From the moment a customer walks into the salon, I want them to feel at ease with a genuinely friendly greeting and an offer of refreshments.

We do not rush our customers and they can have a free in-depth 1 hour private consultation to discuss their hair and the style they would like. We look at photographs, discuss various products and talk about all sorts of  services.

John: The Salon is a great success. How important is this degree of customer service?
Esther: It is important to be thorough. Hair needs to be cared-for. It can be damaged by the sun, for example. Our range of hair care products is first-class.

John: Having seen a few customers today, it seems to be a very friendly, relaxing and thorough  process. Is it expensive?
Esther: We are very competative and in any event, when you consider the amount of time and care that we take we actually deliver exceptional value.  In between appointments, we also offer our existing customers free fringe trims.

Our clients also want to take care of their hair at home and that's why we insist on stocking only the best quality brands like Wella, Bed Head Tigi and ghd. Oh and we still offer head massage....

John: Now you're talking!
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